LA Ink

On November 12,2010 I got to meet a wonderful Lady I have been following. I remember my friend Renee telling me that Kat Von D was going to be here in Denver, I thought I was to late to get a ticket, but I went to the book store bought my Book and got my ticket to see her, I told some of my friends and they also joined me.

I knew Kat loved to journal So I  made her one to give to her when I met her, I placed the first entry in the book and told her a little of our story and put the picture of Brianna in there. When I met her I was so excited, I could barely get the words out of my mouth, but I did and I gave her the journal, what a night that was, best ever…

Around March I got a text from LA Ink stating they were trying to get a hold of me and could I call them, I will never forget that moment, I was at my studio and all I remember was screaming and pacing the floor, I finally got the nerve up to call. The producer told me that Kat has been asking about me and wanted me to be on the season premier, I was on cloud 9 and could not believe this was happening. When I met Kat Brianna had only been gone for 4 months, it was still so raw for me as it is today.
I didn’t know how I was going to get there and I could not imagine not taking Kayla (Brianna’s older sister) with me, but my friend Renee paid for my plane ticket so I could take Kayla, she said that nothing was going to stop me from going.
By the end of March Kayla, Amber, Niky and myself were off to LA….. At that moment I knew how strong Brianna was and how she would bring people into my life, to help with this mission.
When we got to the studio I was so nervous, they decided to bring Kayla on the show and I was so excited, Kayla would do anything for her Baby Sister and for her to be able to share it on National TV.
Was huge, she did such a great job. Our time in LA was an emotional journey. Brianna loved talking about the ocean and I know one day she would probably live by it, Kayla and I took some of Brianna’s ashes and cast them in the water, the tears overcame me, I had mixed emotions, on one I was pissed because I was even doing that, and on the other hand I was honored that I could fulfill one of her Dreams.
As I look out into the Ocean I could feel Brianna, I looked out to Eternity.
The day of the taping was long and busy, I was afraid I would not be able to tell the story, that I would buckle up, but Kat made us feel right at home. Kayla was a Natural. I remember after the Tattoo was done Kat hugged me and then took a picture, when we got in the Van to go back to the main offices Kat had already put the picture on Twitter.
After I got home I could not wait to show it off, in public people stopped me and said they saw the show, they were so supportive and compassionate. It was weird to have people looking at me and wondering, I would usually go up to them, I never want anyone to feel uncomfortable.
The day the show aired July 28, 2011 we had people over to watch, there were tears in the room, my Husband could not bare to watch. Our blog got so much exposure we had over 700 hits within a couple of hours, not bad since we did not even mention it on the show.
I do whatever I can to gain exposure, it is key in getting the word out, all it takes is for one person to tell one person and that person to tell one person and so on.

If you would like to see the episode you can buy it on Amazon or Netflix.


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