Tattoo’s for Brianna

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We have had family members and friends get tattoo’s in Brianna’s honor. The Butterfly has great meaning and I talk about it our story. When Kayla Brianna’s older sister stood up to speak and Brianna’s service a Butterfly emerged and started fluttering around Kayla, then came back when Brianna’s Daddy spoke. When the speaking was done the butterfly when in the backdrop. The yellow ribbon with the heart represents suicide awareness, the green color represents that she was a donor. Kayla is working on a pretty big piece (the tree) it is a tree that is dark, the other arm will be a tree with beautiful blossoms with color, the meaning “there is a dark side but also a bright side to everything” and of course Kayla has Brianna’s name.

More to come I am sure……

We love you Brianna and you will never be forgotten.


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